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Why choose our Bianchinox Barbecue Gas?
Time Frame: all our models are realized completely in Stainless Steel, which guarantees the highest time resistance on corrosion phenomenon.
Practical: 5 minutes are all it takes to reache the desired cooking temperature on the cooking surface and start to grill.
Gas combustion: the gas is burned atl 100%. The carbon oxide emission is diffused until 2000 particles per million (0.2%). The Biachinox Barbecue emits 550 p.p.m. (0,05%), where a classical barbecue with carbon and wood emits up to 250.000 p.p.m. (25%).
Maintenance: all models include a grease tray for any liquid collection. The stainless steel material yelds easier the cleaning process and after long years your barbecue will remain as the first day.
Warranty: all Bianchinox Barbecues are CE Certified with a warranty of 2 years.